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Are you an otaku?

this woman!! whattttt theeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel! lol!! Sanji stay away from that onna!!

LOLLL!!! even more worst !!those who lost to Momonosuke!!! HAHAHAHA

Sanji One Piece…I traced using Adobe Illustrator…hahaa~~

Sanji Illustr by ~colaseven

Sanji Casual by ~colaseven

my latest Sanji casual *yuiseven*

awW! Hang it there Sanji!! ~__~”

mermai-do sickness ^^

Sanji turned into stone?! LOLLL

XDD Sanji sickness~~~scum??? LOLLL

*Princess Perona look pretty here!

I know you want them Sanji…hahaha!!!

my 1st Ai! <3 Sanji!!! OP#522

LOL..poor Sanji….”craving" for real woman! haahha


Sharing is love.


hehe….both of you look good together!! XDDD