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Are you an otaku?

lol….Breast-band girl??? XDDD anooo Samurai san…..==”

lol…Nami nin nin nin!!! SAMURAI!! XD

there you are LOL….their funny face always make me laugh!

another funny face….from fishman island…. -_-” camie face lol!!

LOL thats Robin~always said funny words with serious face!

super cool!

dont make Nami mad..LOL she’s a chicken!! XDD

haha….this two fellow again..LOL…War is nothing to them but A PARTY XDDD

Usop~Chopper: It Perverted! XDDDD kAwaii nakama~~~XDD

Nami’s expression….”。。。” XDDD

usop and chopper expression! LOLLL…. If Luffy is there FOR sure more star on his face! XDDD

Sanji One Piece…I traced using Adobe Illustrator…hahaa~~

Sanji Illustr by ~colaseven

Nami wanna treat Luffy…this not really you Nami..lol

Appeared in 1st episode :) 

*&^%$#@ Arlong!!! Poor Nami Chuwaaann!